Disc Debrief

Learn what your 60 minute debrief will look like.

"Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves."
Carl Jung
Dr. Carl Jung


Go to our Understanding DISC store and purchase the appropriate DISC debrief(s).

Within 2 hours of purchase you will receive the assessment in your email inbox.

Take the assessment in a relaxed undistracted environment.

Read and review your DISC report to prepare for your debrief. The report gives great instructions to help you get the most out of it.

After completing the assessment, your debrief coach will receive your report and contact you via email to schedule your debrief within 1 business day.

Connect with your DISC coach for a 60-minute debrief to review your report and any questions you may have. 

How can I use Disc personally?

After your debrief, you will discover how your style impacts your personal life.

  • Learn if you tend to be more assertive, persuasive, supportive, or analytical.
  • Discover why you have tension with certain family members.
  • Learn how to synergize your style with that of a friend.
  • Create a quick rapport with someone you just met.
  • Open the door to deeper conversations and relationships.
  • Find new ways to encourage your spouse and kids.
  • And much more…


DISC is a behavior assessment tool. DISC helps us to understand our own behavior and the behavior of others.

  • Learn what the Dominant, Influence, Steady, and Conscientious styles are.
  • Understand the tensions among the 4 styles.
  • See how your communication style fits with other styles.
  • Discover where your strengths, motivations, and stressors lie.
  • Learn how to communicate better with any style.
  • Discover what motivates each style.
  • Learn how to quickly recognize someone’s style and adapt.
  • And much more…

How Can I use Disc At Work?

Learn about how your style impacts your work environment.

  • Discover why it is that you have tension with certain people.
  • Learn how to adapt to others in healthy ways.
  • Overcome barriers to making the sale by understanding others’ styles.
  • Learn new ways to more effectively communicate and work with others.
  • Be better prepared to handle workplace tension and conflict.
  • Support your team and co-workers more effectively.
  • And much more…