The Beginning of Disc with Dr. William Marston

The foundations of the Disc assessment begin with Dr. William Moulton Marston and was introduced in his 1928 book Emotions of Normal People. During this time, Dr. Marston spent countless hours studying the behaviors and interactions of thousands of people.

Marston viewed people behaving along two axes, with their attention being either passive or active; depending on the individual’s perception of his or her environment as either favorable or antagonistic.” Eventually, through his work, he discovered and described 4 behavioral traits or styles. Today we call these styles. You can read the article on the 4 styles to get a sketch of each of the styles. See if you can pinpoint your style and that of a friend.

  • Dominance
  • Influence
  • Steady
  • Conscientious

The four styles have unique attributes and behaviors associated with them and with minimal training we can observe these behaviors and discover simple ways to adjust how we interact with people. This adjustment or adaptation allows us to better connect with these 4 different styles in a way that best fits their preferences.

When you take a Disc assessment it takes these 4 traits and provides a clear picture of your unique combination of styles to form your behaviors and personality. The assessment is a behavior based unbiased tool to use in the context of your personal life or business life. It is not a measure of intelligence or values.

Because these are habits and behaviors, there is no intrinsic value to any particular style. Therefore, Disc provides an unbiased and accurate view of one’s behaviors, thinking, and interactions in a simple useful tool.

Dr. Marston was a brilliant Psychologist and much more. His contributions to society went beyond helping to begin the research into Disc. He created the Systolic blood pressure test, became a successful self-help writer, an advocate for women and their exceptional potential, and interestingly, the creator of Wonder Woman.