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Get amazing insights into your next hire. Find better ways to connect with your team. Discover how to use the tension in your workplace for good.

"Treat others the way they want to be treated." - The Platinum Rule
Dr. Tony Alessandra

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DISC helps leadership at all levels to improve. DISC for leadership helps businesses discover how to improve communication across the organization and with key leaders.

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DISC for leadership and individuals is a comprehensive approach to the DISC process and content. You will receive a full 60-minute debrief along with a personalized DISC report and a 30-minute follow-up call for implementing DISC into your leadership and organization.

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With DISC for teams, you can purchase as many assessments as you need for your team. With the assessment comes a full report, a team report, one-on-one debrief for each team member, and collaboration reports for the team. Unbelievable value. Additionally, we provide a conference call DISC team debrief.

Improve your team

With DISC for teams, discover how to connect and communicate in ways you never have before. Discover how tensions can be turned into opportunity.

Screen Candidates

DISC is a great tool to help screen potential candidates for any position in your company.

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This purchase comes with a 38-page comprehensive DISC report that will be emailed to the candidate and the employer. Additionally, the candidate receives a 30 minute debrief of the content within the report and the employer receives a 30 minute debrief as well. Discounts available when you purchase 3 or more assessments. Call for more information.

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We are here to help you get the most out of DISC at a price you can afford. We provide DISC reporting at low costs for businesses looking to use DISC but aren’t ready for the full investment. Contact us for discounts on┬ábulk purchases.

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Experience the power of DISC. Discover what it can do for your team.